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Hello everyone! So I am doing my first giveaway! YAY!

What’s the occasion you might ask? Well, it’s to celebrate for reaching 500+ followers and also, most importantly, BAP’s upcoming 1000th day!

1 winner chosen randomly

Prize will be the official matoki light stick


  • MUST be following me. Don’t follow me just for the sake of entering this contest and then unfollowing me after because that is rude. 
  • Reblog/like this post. You can reblog as many times as you want, but please don’t spam your followers.
  • Message me a reason why you love BAP. I will message you back to confirm your entry.
  • NO giveaway blogs. I will check.
  • Have permission to give me your address so I can send you your prize. 

Contest ends October 20th at 9pm PST and the winner will be announced on October 21st, aka BAP’s 1000th day!

UPDATE!! sept. 9

The lightstick will be the official Matoki Light Stick Ver.2!!

lol tht icon is me ><

If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose 
you must accept the thorns which it bears

Although he has a tender heart, when he acts strong I feel proud but also sympathetic. Daehyun doesn’t like to appear weak so this sensitive side of him may only be seen by us but with our support I hope he’ll be as strong as his powerful voice." — Yongguk about Daehyun