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You’re perfect no matter what.

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daehyun is struggling to pulled off that candy necklace

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cyeah ! I’m extremely looking good :)

t1gster asked:
sorry to bother you baby but you're on my follow forever ♡

ohhhhh this must be late , but thank you :)

well I actually also following you babe a couple week ago kkkkk let’s be friend~~

jelliedae asked:
Hi Wido! I know this is super late but welcome to the Daehyun Network family! I'm Annie and I hope we can be good friends / talk some time ^^ Hope you have a good day/night!♥

omg yes hello annie :) well well sure let’s be a good daewon friend hahaha ,well I kinda took some hiatus till bap make a comeback , how I miss them ;;;;; how about you? have anything happen lately xDD

hahah I actually being so shy to having some convo on the daehyun network, dunno how to start it anw nice to know you <3 <3

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